All Students Wanting To Be In Jazz Need To Fill Out This Google Form by 5/11/20

Auditions (for Lab Band 1) will need to be video recorded and sent to jwoolery@dentonisd.org on or before 5/11/2020 



We have 3 jazz bands at Denton High School. They all meet during the school day. We are very good at working with class schedules, school counselors, coaches, and other organzations. The last thing we want you to do is have to make a choice between your passions. If you don't think you have time, talk to us first and we can look at the situation and examine the options. Sometimes it's as simple as moving an academic class to a later year to create space. 








For students not currently enrolled in jazz at DHS:

Audition is not required to be in the DHS jazz program, only for Lab Band 1.


(unless you play guitar, piano, or bass). 

Students who are not selected for Lab Band 1 will be put in the Denton High School Lab Band 2 or 3 according level

Students enrolling but not auditioning will be placed in Lab Band 2 or 3 as well depending on the programs instrumentation needs and estimated skill level

Why do you have to be in Marching/Concert Band to be in Jazz?


There are two primary reasons why band students in the jazz program are required to play in our marching/concert band program:


1. Most band programs in Texas actually do not have a during-school jazz program at all, and require all students to double block concert band. Mr. Wilson and his predecessors have been gracious and open-minded enough to not require this of our band students, which gives them the option to play in our jazz classes or other ensemble classes in addition to playing in band. The jazz program operates under the auspices of the broader band program, and with the band program's blessing. If we began cannibalizing students from the band program, the band program would cease to have a motivation to allow us to remain in existence during the school day. Simply put, we don’t want to exceed our welcome by taking students away from the band program which is allowing us to have our own class periods.


2. More importantly, I want all wind players and percussionists in my jazz program to be in a concert band so that they continue to work on their instrumental fundamentals and their ensemble performance skills. In the jazz program, we do not have the time to work on fundamentals of sound production, fundamentals of ensemble balance, etc. This very crucial work is done in concert band, and on top of that, the extra time in an ensemble each week keeps my wind players’ ears and embouchures in shape. I am now extremely grateful that as a young jazz studies major at UNT, I was required to meet many classical performance requirements on my instrument, even though at the time I didn’t really want to do it. I realize that it was vital to my development as a musician.

Audition Assessment:

The audition scoring will factor in: PREPARATION-STYLE-SOUND-EXECUTION

Students that make Lab Band 1 will be fully prepared and have high quality auditions. The character qualities needed for students are: DEPENDABLE-DEDICATED-HARD WORKING. If these qualities come into question for a particular student during their term in Lab Band 1 their placement will be reevaluated by the directors and DHS administration. 

YAMAHA Instruments:

Students in DHS Lab Band 1 will have the opportunity to perform on a top of the line wind instrument set that has been donated to us by Ambassador Warren Tichenor who played drums in the band in the 1970's.  Access to these instruments is a privilege and not a right. 

The Audition

1. Work up and prepare the charts to your corresponding instrument from THIS FOLDER

Update: Perform and record all music in folder for your instrument. The goal is to get the truest picture of your preparation detail and skills. 

2. Record a 30 second minimum- 1 minute maximum jazz transcription playing with the recording. The head does not count. 

Drum set is included in this and can include the head

3. Improvise F Blues (from this recording)

4. Full range chromatic scale for the winds. 

    Drum set styles: a. Swing (M.M. l44) b. Funk (M.M.100) c. Latin/Samba (M.M.120-200) d. Up-Tempo (M.M.160+)

Auditions will need to be video recorded and sent to jwoolery@dentonisd.org on or before 5/11/2020. Sending videos via google drive is preferred. 


By submitting an audition you agree to adhere to to the parent organization enrollment policy stated on this page. 

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